Healthy and gentle cooking

The Fissler pressure cookers are ideal for modern cuisine. It helps to ensure a healthy diet by cooking food gently. Oxygen is expelled from the cooker and cooking times are short, so vitamins, minerals, nutrients and flavour are retained.

This makes pressure cookers particularly suitable for cooking vitamin- and nutrient-rich foods which need careful preparation.

Of course, it’s also a great way of speeding up the cooking time for stews and meat dishes. There is hardly a dish or type of preparation which a pressure cooker can’t handle. Soups, stews, meat, fish, vegetables, rice and potatoes all produce good results, and you can use the pressure cooker to cook, roast, stew, steam and braise.

The graph shows how much vitamin C is retained in certain vegetables when cooked in the pressure cooker. (Vitamin C/100g)

fissler infographic 02
Nutrients and vitamins

Nutrients and vitamins

The nutritional value of our food is particularly important when planning a balanced diet. Nutritional value is a measure of the ratio of vitamins and minerals to energy content (kJ) of food.
Vegetables, salads and fruit have the highest nutritional value, followed by lean meat, wholegrain products and low-fat dairy products. Foods cooked in a pressure cooker maintain a higher nutritional value.


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