Quick, healthy and simply delicious cooking.

You profit in three ways when you cook with pressure cookers: you save time, you save energy, and at the same time you conserve vitamins, minerals, nutrients and aromas.

Why is this so?

First, pressure cookers cook at temperatures > 100°C, thereby reducing the cooking time significantly. This saves you up to 70% of the time and 50% of the energy you would normally need and at the same time you conserve vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Cooking in steam after the oxygen in the air has been expelled also ensures that the aroma and natural colors of the foods are retained.

Typical cooking times:

  • 15 minutes for a delicious stew – in a normal stew pot it takes almost twice as long.
  • 20 minutes for juicy beef roulades – in a normal stew pot it takes almost five times as long.
  • Nine minutes for boiled potatoes – in a normal stew pot it takes almost three times as long.
pressure-cooker - fast and healthy


The pressure cooker is just as suitable for preparing a hearty roast as healthy steamed vegetables or fish. Have you ever tried to cook rice or rice pudding? You can do this with the pressure cooker without burning the food.
You can also use the pressure cooker for thawing, boiling down or extracting juice.

Two settings.

Every Fissler pressure cooker has a gentle setting (ca. 109° C) for delicate foods such as fine vegetables and a speed setting (ca. 116° C) for soups, meat or stews.

Let off steam.

If the temperature in the cooker increases too much, the automatic steam release function permits steam to escape and thus ensures that the temperature in the pot always remains constant.

Safety first.

State-of-the-art safety technology is a matter of course at Fissler. The Fissler Euromatic automatically limits the pressure in the cooker. The integrated residual pressure block only permits the cooker to be opened when the pressure has been released completely.

Easy to clean.

All Fissler pressure cookers are easy to clean.


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